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0:00 [Start of Show]    
1:05Charlie Hebdo Attack a Hoax or False Flag?    
33:15Only Radical Muslims Offended by Hebdo Cartoon    
39:42Christopher Lee Cornell Homegrown Terror Plot    
57:06White House Avoiding the Term 'Radical Islam'    
59:28Jeanine Pirro: Kill the Radical Muslims    
1:03:37Dempsey on Preventing Terror Attacks    
1:08:20[Executive Producer Segment]    
1:20:04New Issue of Inspire Magazine    
1:26:47Cutting Funding to Homeland Security    
1:29:56Reauthorization of Terrorism Risk Insurance Program    
1:32:02New Cyber Legislation to Prevent Terrorism    
1:37:18CentCom Twitter Account Vandalized    
1:42:29CISPA 2015 Document Leaked    
1:50:31Obama: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights    
2:02:45Obama: Getting Faster Broadband    
2:08:36'The Prophet': Military Dirtbox    
2:13:35Why You Should Donate to the No Agenda Show    
2:19:06[Donation Segment]    
2:31:09Measles Outbreak at Disney Land    
2:34:56Smoking Vaccine    
2:40:03Aurora Shooter Coming to Trial    
2:47:16ISIS Child Militant    
2:49:25Ukrainian Prime Minister Rewriting WWII History    
2:50:09Monsanto Moving into Ukraine    
2:51:00Russia to Bypass Ukraine for Gas Transit    
2:52:52Phantom Words Experiment    
2:56:47Psychopathic Tendencies in Male Selfies